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Owner & Principal Stylist.

I cannot remember a time that I didn’t think about dresses. Growing up next door to a farm in the north of England. I used to get my poor mum to sew the designs I had drawn using raw silk and shot taffeta from my dads textiles mill. I would then run around the countryside in gumboots and silk dresses.

Fast forward through a life of painting, travelling and living in Africa, Europe, Japan, America, Oman and ending up in Australia ( where I was born).   My life has been punctuated with colour, Joy, laughing, children, making many mistakes and luckily some good choices too and has finally brought me to this one. To you…

Your Art bridal is exactly that. Yours.

The dress you choose to get married in should reflect you, Your way.

Whether it be minimalist or classic, fitted and glamorous, edgy And textural, there is something that speaks to you, expresses you.

I have worked as a bridal make-up artist for years, stylist and witnessed a huge variety of weddings,  I Love what I do and am truly excited to help you find a gown or ensemble that is authentically you. Can’t wait to chat.

Maggie x


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‘Your Art Bridal’?



The whole foundation of this space and the ‘Your Art’ experience is about YOU. Appointments are longer to allow for a consultation to find out about you, your wedding and visions for your special day, before we even look at the gowns.
Then it is time to specifically select potential dresses to suit you, with your individuality firmly at the forefront of decision making. We then have fun trying them on and when you fall in love with your gown or become inspired for a future appointment, I will take measurements and the order for your gown is placed. 
I so look forward to meeting you and your family and loved ones.


Your Art Bridal Brands

Bo and Luca

The romance of Bohemia, a little nostalgia for days gone by and a worldly infusion 70’s soul and ease. Bo and Luca’s signature gypsy luxe design aesthetic is grounded in uncomplicated styling and easy elegance…

L’eto Bridal

the L’eto muse; a beatnik babe and citizen of the world. A trailblazer. A lover of art and architecture, this fearless and confident woman knows her balance in the world. She is an unashamed expresser of self and is proud of her own free spirit.


Focused on fine fabrications of raw silk, intricate craftsmanship of hand-beaded techniques, and contemporary fit, T E M P L E maintains luxury quality and design aesthetics that are accessible to women globally.

And You Bridal
Hairstylists by trade, jewelry and accessory lovers Holly & Bridgette have created a range of heirloom quality hairpieces to inspire woman every day from their wedding journey and beyond
Monsieur Blonde Lingerie
the perfect balance between masculinity
and femininity representing both strength and beauty; depicting the perfect
image of our muse, Monsieur Blonde: The Woman.
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